Extruded PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) Insulated Wires

PEEK insulated cables combine high radiation resistance and a very high insulation resistance over a broad temperature range.These are outstanding properties for use in Ultra High Vacuum Systems. The low water absorption in air (0.1%) combined with a high diffusion rate of water also make it ideal for systems which cannot be baked. The high insulation resistance and a high breakdown voltage make this insulated cable ideal for delicate signals and high voltage applications.
PEEK wire has a durability and resistance to harsh environments that makes it extremely useful in the downhole and deep drilling context for the oil industry. PEEK wire is also used in the energy production sector, including in the nuclear industry, due to its superior resistance to radiation.

Radiation Resistant Wire and Cable

Ordinary thermoplastic insulation becomes brittle when exposed to radiation. Wire protected by PEEK resists even high doses of ionizing radiation, performing much better than PTFE and FEP cable coverings.Exotherm Cable will custom manufacture this radiation resistant wire for your specific application.

Chemical Resistant Wire and Cable

PEEK insulated wire also exhibits a high level of resistance to harsh chemical environments. In the downhole oil industry, chemical resistant cable and chemical resistant wire is crucial and the use of PEEK wire has become common. PEEK wire also withstands operating temperatures up to 260 Deg C, and retains its properties in high pressure and moisture laden environments. Exotherm Cable can custom manufacture PEEK wire in dimensions ranging from AWG 40 to AWG 8. The minimum order is generally 1000 ft.
At EXON, we can work with your project engineers to ensure the demands of your job are met in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

EXON Standard Specifications

Construction Multi strand wire, extruded PEEK insulation
Conductor Bare/Tinned or Silver platted Copper, Single Strand Solid 1.5 Sq.mm
Insulation PEEK, unfilled, natural colour
O.D : 2.0 +/- 0.10mm
Min. Bend radius 7.5 x diameter (long term)
Radiation Resistance 109 Rad = 107 Gy
Voltage Rating At least 4KV DC in vacuum
Working voltage >10KV DC
Breakdown voltage >20KV
Vacuum UHV, 10-10 mbar and better
Temperature -65 Deg C...250 Deg C, -200 Deg C for non-flex applications
Insulation resistance >1 x 1016 Ohm cm


  • Hook up Wire for Control Panels for Nuclear Application
  • Wire Harness Assembly for Nuclear Application
  • Magnet wire and lead wire for actuators, generators, motors, solenoids, or transformers for the electrical, petroleum, automotive, aerospace and Nuclear industries
  • Lead wires for Electrical Penetration Assembly (EPA)

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