Extruded PFA Wires

PFA is a fluorocarbon co-polymer with the smallest dimensional changes over its useful temperature interval and has got good mechanical properties. The material is excellent for use as a dielectric – it has got an excellent dielectric constant of 2.1, a high dielectric strength, excellent resistivity and an excellent dissipation factor of magnitude 0.0002. Its low dielectric constant is essentially constant with changing frequency or temperature. PFA has excellent non-ageing characteristics and a broad useful temperature range from about -200ºC to +260ºC

continuously. Used as insulation PFA passes several severe flame tests as for instance the IEEE 383 and has of course the UL94 V-0 rating. The chemical inertness of the material is excellent and is one of the most chemical resistant polymers.

Key Properties

-65ºC to +260ºC
Thin wall material
Highly flame retardant
Low smoke generation
Excellent for use in water, fuels, oils, acids and bases
Excellent dielectric properties

Properties of PFA Fluorocarbon Resin
PFA Properties ASTM or Unit PFA
Specific Gravity D792 2.15
Elongation % D638 280~400
Tensile Strength (psi) D638 4,000~4,500
Flexural Strength (psi) D790 no break
Compressive Strength D695  
Tensile Elastic Modulus 
(Young's Modulus) (psi)
D638 72,500~87,000
Flexural Modulus
103MPa (103kgf/cm2)
D790 94,000~99,000
D790 0.6-0.7 (6.6-7.0)
Flex Life
(MIT cycles)
D2176 10,000~500,000
Hardness Durometer
  Shore D
D636 D55~60
Coefficient of Friction on steel 0.2
Abrasion Resistance
1000 revs.
Taber 9~17
Impact Strength IZOD
73°F/23°C, notched ft/lbs/in
D256 no break
Melting Point °C
Upper Service
Flame Rating** UL 94 V-0
Thermal Conductivity BTU/hr/ft2/deg F in 1.3
cal/sec/cm2,°C/cm 6 x 10-6
Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10-5 °C D696 13
Heat of Fusion BTU/LB 13
Heat of Combustion BTU/LB 2300
Low Temperature Embrittlement °C
Dielectric Constant D150/103Hz 2.1
D150/106Hz 2.1
Dielectric Strength
10 mil film
D149 >2000
Volume Resistivity ohm-cm D257 >1018
Surface Resistivity
D257 >1017
D543 Excellent
Water Absorption, 24h % <0.03
Deformation Under Load *D621/100°C 2.4
**D621/25°C 2.7
Refractive Index   1.34
Limiting Oxygen Index >95 >95
Properties ASTM or Unit PFA
*6.8 MPa (986 psi),24h
 **13.7 MPa (1987 psi),24h

  • Hook up Wire for Control Panels
  • Wire Harness Assembly
  • Motor & Transformer Lead wires
  • Batteries, UPS & Invertors
  • Plenum Cables
  • Halogen Lamp Holders & Lanterns
  • Electric Cooker, Micro-wave Oven, Electric Thermos, Air-Conditioning Equipment
  • Computers, Laptops, PDA’s
  • Medical and scientific instruments
  • Aircraft Wiring, Defense & Signal Equipments.
  • Process Instrumentation
  • RTD, Thermocouples and Thermistors
  • Sensors & Igniters
  • Semiconductor & Electronics
  • Oven, Furnaces and other High Temperature applications.

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